Presentation new logo

26 September, 2015 transport , logo , new

On September 26, 2015, the new logo and its related appearance was presented to staff during the company’s celebration of its 20th anniversary.

Originally separated bodies within Arrowline - Arrow Line Transport, B&J Logistics, Arrow Line Support – have merged and strengthened through the years. For this reason, we renounce ourselves from separated logos and from now on we present ourselves under one name and one logo.

The new corporate identity is a result of a process started at the beginning of 2015 together with the advertising and internet agency SWAT.

Origin new logo
Not  to forget our origins, the hexagon shape refers to the block perimeter of our old logo, with it combination of colours. The red wing represents the wing of Hermes, messenger of the gods and the Greek god of roads, travellers and traders. The wing consists of three lines that merge into one point, a symbol for Arrow Line Transport, B&J Logistics and Arrow Line Support coming together as Arrowline.